Saturday, September 7, 2013

Want to know if someone is hacking ur computer ?

Command Prompt(cmd) can help you find if someone you don't know is connected to your computer stealing private data. Just execute netstat -a and the command prompt will return a list of computers that your computer is connected to. In the results returned, Proto column gives the type of data transmission taking place (TCP or UDP) , Local address column gives the port with which your computer is connected to an external computer and the Foreign Address column gives the external computer you are connected to along with the port being used for the connection. State gives the state of the connection (whether a connection is actually established, or waiting for transmission or is “Timed Out”).

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Unable to open ur windows account, windows password hacked??

Are u giving ur system to anonymous persons .......just think for a moment ?
There are many techniques available by which u can have no access to ur own account , or hidden account is created without ur notice.
Few of the techniques by which the password of ur account are changed without knowing the old password (Note that the change of password without knowing the old password is not allowed under user accounts of control panel) are:
Using  GUI method
-->Search for LUSRMGR.MSC
-->Click on the users  under Local users and groups(Local)
-->Right click on any of the accounts (Administrator/Guest/any account)
-->choose  set password and then proceed and then it allows for the setting of password

Using Command prompt
-->Right click  cmd and Run as administrator
-->type net user username *
-->it would ask u for setting of password

so, i suggest that you not to give ur systems to anonymous persons and also  to create a password reset disk of ur system(It can help u to reset the changed password,no doubt when u have created the password reset disk)

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is ur computer secure ?

Just think before opening any file  bcoz there are many techniques by which ur personal information is taken away ,one of which is embedding viruses( trojans,worms,keyloggers.............)  in exe, vbs , bat files ,auto run files ,games  etc  .The actual file seems to be useful as viruses in these file become active after a specific time of installation  or on the updation of file (depends on how the hacker programmed the file)
------------>Do not open the files which have extensions as if they were jpeg, gif ,ppt , txt etc   but not the real extension names  such as  imag1.jpeg.exe ,image.gif.exe ,test.txt.exe ,test.txt.vbs ,test.txt.bat , key.ppt.bat   and the list is endless. so do not open the files which have double extensions.Also note that many links that come in the social networking sites such  yup she did it in the public , how dare she is .......................  are all of this type so be careful in opening these type of files

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Be cautious while setting up the passwords for various websites.

It has been found that most of the websites steal user information by prompting the user to signup a new account to access various services .It sounds good , but the user is at risk if he set the passwords which were already used for signup in net banking sites , Facebook , gmail to name a few.......some other websites make the users to believe that they can earn money by signing up a new account and sharing their links for their advertisement .No doubt that money gets incremented in their signed up account (remember that it is after all a human written program that makes the money incremented in ur account) and but ur account gets automatically deleted from most of these sites after a scheduled interval of time.(eg..
Most of the fake websites like those of above mentioned type also try to use the passwords you used for their website signup in accessing other websites accounts like net banking sites , facebook, gmail ........and u are at utmost risk

so have a habit of setting up different passwords for different sites to be secure

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Are u allowing the browsers to remember the passwords?


If u are allowing to remember the passwords , then make  sure that u are not giving ur system to anonymous persons.This is due to the fact that

it displays ur stored password  when the person enters the first few letters of ur email id

when he changed  part of  the  HTMLcode of the page as follows:

right clicking the password field and then selecting inspect element and changing the type=”password”  to type=”text”  in the below code

<input type="password" name="Passwd" id="Passwd">

For better security as in mozilla firefox ,set the master password  if u are allowing the firefox to remember the passwords unless which it shows the passwords stored when one clicks on show passwords……………..

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Is your antivirus program monitoring ur pc properly?

To check I have written a simple harmless program that ejects ur cd-rom drive  if u close it .
it can be downloaded from
open and extract the file
If ur anti virus detects that it is a virus and prompt u to delete the file , then ur pc 's antivirus is monitoring properly  otherwise change/update ur antivirus

you can stop the action of ejection of cd drive when you close it
 by  Opening
 ----)task manager or pressing     ctrl+alt+del
----)click on process tab  or  details tab (in windows 8)
----)select wscript.exe
----)click on end process.

----------------->Deletion of the downloaded file doesnot stop the action of ejection.For more visit

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

why Strong password ??

Why to include uppercase ,lowercase,numbers,special characters,multilingual words in setting ur passwords?
This is due to the fact that at present there are many techniques like brutual force attack,wardriving,rainbow table attack, dictionary attack...the list is endless.These all softwares try to crack passwordss by various permutation techniques,first these softwares try simple names......then....complex names...the more are the special characters,numbers,alphabets used the more is the time taken for the softwares to crack the password....thus hackers loose interest in crack the passwords that takes more time to crack